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GET /v1/balance


account_id: 'ad9fc3b4-7727-4f6c-9833-efbff724e771'
amortised_limit: '100'
available_balance: '200'
credit_limit: '300'
currency: 'AUD'
current_balance: '1000'



What’s open data?

The process of banks, energy providers and other financial institutions opening up data for regulated providers to access, use and share.

What Fiskil does

Fiskil handles the hard work when it comes to accessing banking and energy data under the Consumer Data Right (CDR). So that companies can focus on their core business.


How it works



Get Consent

We’ll ask the user if they agree to share their banking data. The user will then select the data they wish to share, and for how long it will be shared for.




Upon consent the user will authenticate into any bank of their choice simply using a biometric scan or a phone number and verification code. No login credentials will be collected.



Fiskil collects information

Fiskil collects, cleans and aggregates the user’s information fetched from the bank. Even if your user collects from multiple banks, we will always standardise and make sense of the data.

Optimise conversion

Sleek and simple.

Our front-end module is designed to optimise conversion,
and is easy to drop in to whatever you're building.

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How Fiskil is Used

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Identity verification

Verify account ownership and identity details directly from the user's bank account.

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Automated onboarding

Reduce drop off rates by automatically completing applications, forms and onboarding processes.

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Fraud detection

Utilise transactional data to detect malicious or fradulent behaviours.

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Personal Finances

Turn banking data into budgeting, forecasting and savings insights for your users.


Our APIs will instantly connect your application or website to your user's bank accounts - how you use this is up to you!

If used well, Fiskil APIs have the potential to hugely benefit your business, attract new users, and improve the experience of your existing ones. Fiskil's pre-built compliance solutions, unified API and data enrichment services will cut development time, improving speed to market and lowering IT Project delivery risk.
Fiskil handles the dirty work when it comes to Open Banking and the Consumer Data Right, so companies can focus on their core business. We've built the pipes between financial institutions, big and small.

All you need to do is sign up, get an API key, and start sending requests.
Integrating with Fiskil is easy. Just sign up, and we'll give you your private API keys. From here, our Quick Start tutorial will get you started on integrating and testing our sandbox environment.
There sure is! Our free tier is our Data Sandbox, where you can call our APIs to visualise the response. The banks and accounts in our Sandbox tool are simulated, but if you like what you see, you can pay to start connecting to real bank accounts. Our fees are usage based, so if you're still developing, the cost will be relatively small.
We support 110+ Australian banks and credit unions, as well as a sandbox environment so you can start building now!